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Studio Objective


Students initial placement is according to his or her ability – not by age or prior years for training. After one month of evaluation, a student’s final placement level may be adjusted, with any future level changes facilitated only at the professional discretion of the dance instructors.

All classes begin promptly. Remember the beginning of class includes a warm-up period, which is very important to a dancer’s body. Each combination class encompasses classical ballet and tap – both being the foundation for all other forms of dance. As a student progresses, he or she will be introduced to jazz (a more free style of dance) usually around the age of seven.

  • Pre-school classes – children are introduced to pre-dance and dance skills in the form of basic ballet, tap and aerobics.

  • Beginner classes – students are introduced to basic classic ballet terminology and executions of steps as well as progressive tap movement and rhythmic sounds.

  • Intermediate classes – greater attention is given towards proper technique and the student’s verbal understanding of dance combinations.

  • Advanced classes – in critiquing this level, students have more freedom to express their understanding and appreciation of dance.

  • Refinement classes – level placement designed for the highly serious and motivated student.

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