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School Tuition

Tuition is scheduled on a monthly basis and is due by the 5th of each month.  This due date allows this studio to meet its monthly obligations.  The monthly tuition fee is a fixed fee without modification.  This fee includes all holidays during the dance year.  We are transitioning to paperless billing so you can expect to receive future billing statements via e-mail. Should you be unable to receive an e-mailed statement you will need to notify the office so that a paper statement can be sent. There will be a $3.00 fee added to your statement  monthly to cover postal expenses if you choose this option.  If not fully paid by the 20th of the due month, a 10% charge will be added to the unpaid balance.  A $25 charge will be added to all NSF checks.  After receiving the second NSF check, all future payments must be in cash only.  If you anticipate difficulties, please call the studio so we can help.  If the instructor fails to teach a particular class, that class will always be promptly rescheduled for the students.  A registration fee is required upon enrollment.

Dress Code

Leotard – Black
Tights – Pink
Ballet shoes – Pink, split-sole
Tap shoes – Tan buckle, leather
Jazz shoes – Tan, split-sole, slip-on boot

    These items can be purchased at one of the several dance shops in the area.  Please have a proper case to carry shoes and have all items properly identified.  Please refrain from wearing dance shoes outside the studio.  During the year there will be several Fashion Leotard Weeks to dress in dancewear of the students choosing.  Absolutely no t-shirts or sweats to be worn during dance classes.
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