Fall Classes
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 Fall Schedule

available only thru PGDC Office

classes offered:

Baby Combo - Ballet - Tap - Acro

Combo Classes - Ballet - Tap

Ballet Classes - 6 Levels

Tap Classes - 6 Levels

Jazz Classes - 6 Levels

Lyrical Classes - 6 Levels

Hip Hop Classes - 5 Levels

Musical Theatre - 2 Levels

Pointe Classes - 3 Levels









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TUITION FEES 2016-2017

Registration: $40 per student

Fees (per student per month)

per student $75

2nd sibling $55

3rd sibling $45

4th sibling FREE

(pricing includes annual recital fee)


Any student may enroll in Acro classes.  Students 8 years and up may enroll in Lyrical, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Students 12 years old and up may enroll in Pre-Pointe (By teachers request only and must be enrolled in ballet class).

  Discounted Additional Specialty Class Fees

(per student per month)

Acro                    $20

Hip Hop                $20

Lyrical                  $20

Pointe                 $20

Musical Theatre    $20

COSTUME FEES    $75 each

(pricing includes annual recital fee)



Recital: Baton Rouge River Center

Saturday, May 27, 2017

 Payment Options:

Cash or Check - Price as listed above

*Automatic Bank Withdrawal - $5 discount per student/per month

Full years payment (nine months), including costumes fees - 10% discount

Credit Card Payment - Paypal only through PGDC Website


Specialty classes may or may not have a recital dance and costume.  The choice of the teacher to decide by December 1st.

A written letter must be dated and received 30 days prior to dropping any additional class for fees to be cancelled.

Tuition fees based on class subject, not hourly.


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