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The primary objective of this dance studio is to teach the art of dancing. However, one of the highlights of the dancing year is the dance recital to be held in May or June. Our studio believes a dance recital is a true reflection of a dancing school’s quality and success. Over the years our recitals have become quite successful in generating excitement, drama, and appreciation of the stage. Our high quality recitals can only be accomplished by the hard work of many people and our children. The students enjoy the opportunity to taste the excitement of “show business” with all of its flavor of costumes, make-up, music, scenery, audience applause and personal accomplishments.

Full payment for each costume must be received at the studio no later than December 1st. If full payment is not received by this date, the costume cannot be ordered. Costumes may be paid in several installments until December.

A key part of the dance recital is the program book. This studio is extremely proud of its program book because our students work very hard for the success of their book. To have your picture in the program book, fees will be charged for a certain size ad. This may be obtained from a local business or personal ad. Free dancing is given to the top 3 ad winners for that year, details to be given at a later date.

We are really looking forward to this dancing year. Each year, we see a definite growth in the success of this studio. The primary reason for this success is the cooperation and assistance contributed by all the students. Phyllis Guy Dance Center is your dance studio – its past and continued success is attributed to you.